Xytex Corporation Donor Listings

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Xytex Corporation is a worldwide leader in providing choice gametes for assisted reproduction in order to help people have healthy babies.

Incorporated in 1975, Xytex has become a major human sperm bank, servicing physicians and their patients globally from offices in Georgia, USA and Ontario, Canada. Since it’s inception, Xytex has distinguished itself by developing a reputation for placing emphasis on unparalleled information options, quality products, and a high level of customer service.

Outreach Health Group has been the Canadian distributor for Xytex since 1999.

Xytex Corporation offers both Open ID Donors and Anonymous Donors.

In the Open ID Program, you, as the recipient of this program’s donor semen, acknowledge and agree that you have voluntarily chosen to participate in this program of Xytex Corporation. Once your offspring, conceived through this program, has reached the age of 18, you and your offspring will, upon request, be given access to the Donor’s full name, social security number, or equivalent information, last known home and work telephone numbers and addresses, and other personally identifying information in Xytex’s possession that the Donor has agreed to release. In order to allow you to participate in the ID Release Program a consent form and birth tracking record, which will be sent to you with your receipt, needs to be completed, signed and resubmitted.

Yes or Y Open ID Consent Donor
# Photo File Available
@ Baby Photo Available
C-/C+ CMV IgG Negative or CMV IgG Positive
*IC* Informed Consent Donor
*XYG* xyGene Donor
*XYGC* xyGene Carrier Donor
*xyL* xyLimited Donor

Note: All donors are CMV IgM negative; A majority of the population is expected to be CMV IgG positive.

Note: An Informed Consent Donor is a donor that has a report of an adverse event in an offspring. This is likely not donor related. Outreach Health Group Inc. suggests that you discuss this issue with your physician or a genetic counsellor if you are considering using semen from this donor.

*xyGene Donors* Over the years, Xytex has expanded genetic testing of donors as genetic knowledge and technology have advanced. As a result, not all donors have been tested for the same conditions or with the same methods. “xyGene” donors have undergone the most extensive testing. These donors have special pricing that can be found on our “Your Investment” page.

*xyLimited Donors* xyLimited is an exciting, new option that offers the peace of mind of a lower family unit limit of only 15 family units. These donors have special pricing that can be found on our “Your Investment” page.