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The Process

Many of our clients opt for our private and confidential Concierge Service. This service is available in person at our offices in Newmarket, Ontario, or online via Skype, with one of our personable and knowledgeable team members. We welcome your contact so we might personally assist you through this process.

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    We have recognized that the process of selection can be daunting and overwhelming for many clients. That is why we have developed a tiered approach to help you where you need it most. Our Donor Selection Consultations are designed as an excellent opportunity for you to speak with a member of our caring consulting team to have all your questions answered in a private and confidential setting, either in office, or online (Skype) if more convenient. The information received at the time of the consultation truly helps you navigate the process and choose the right donor for you.
    In order to best serve you, we have three different tiers of services available. They differ based on the level of assistance needed, experience in exploring your options, and any customization you may require.

    For our consultation tiers, we take a short history from you as to your needs and requirements, your “wish list” criteria, and what’s important for you in a donor. We also take you through a brief overview of the history of donor semen in Canada and Health Canada regulations and how it impacts your choices. We review sample long donor profiles from each bank to help you become familiar with the individual formats and donor information options available. Finally, we take you step by step through the process of ordering and determining the number of units to purchase.

    With every tier, clients have access to Client Specialists who are available with support via email or telephone Monday through Saturdays. As well, clients have access to OHS’ Community Support Network, providing access to a community of other families with shared experiences and stories via Facebook and monthly newsletters which includes notification of new donors.

  • New Client Support – For clients just starting to explore or have a basic understanding of the donor selection process, our experienced Client Specialists will guide you through how to navigate the different donor banks available. We welcome your phone calls and emails. With this tier, clients receive:

    •  Exclusive Profile Access for Canadian Clients – By clicking the banner link on our Donor Listings page, you can access a free profile offer from Xytex Cryo International.
    •  No charge

    Mini Consultation – Let our expertise help find the best donors available for you. Based on your preliminary consultation including a review of your criteria with one of our Client Specialists, be presented with different donor options. With this tier, clients receive:

    • One-on-one  information session (up to one hour) with a Client Specialist via telephone/Skype.
    • Photo Matching – Includes physical and other donor criteria matching.
    • Donor Matching – Receive up to 12 donor profiles presented to you based on your specific criteria.
      $189.95 + HST

    Specialty Consultation – For clients who want more support throughout the donor selection process.
    Working alongside one of our Client Specialists, this offering provides clients with:

    • Personal Consultation Access – Up to two hours one-on-one guided consultation in OHS office or via telephone/Skype
    • Photo Matching – Includes physical and other donor criteria matching
    • Priority New Donor Notification – Be notified by email in advance of any new donors prior to our general web release notification.

    *Based on supplier contract terms
    $249.95 + HST

    To discuss which tier is best for you or to schedule your tier, please contact one of our Client Specialists today by calling 1-866-785-4709 or via e-mail

    General information is free about the site content, or for information on how to place an order for the profile or the specimen. Ordering the long profiles or any specimen is available for a fee, as outlined in the “your investment” section of the website.

    The key steps in the donor selection process are diagramed on the chart below. At any stage of this process, we are available to assist you.

    The Process

    The Process

  • Step 1: Determine preferred characteristics

    We have compiled a comprehensive selection reference for you, including physical characteristics, Open ID Release programs, blood matching and CMV information. Please refer to our Selecting A Donor Selection page, and document your preferences.

    Step 2: Donor Listing Review

    Using your pre-determined preferences, and the easy-to-use selection criteria tool, review Donor Listings for each or any of our sperm bank providers in our listings area.

    Step 3: Request Donor Long Profile

    Profiles are available directly online. . Links to the profile access offer can be found on our “Donor Listings” page.

    Step 4: Donor Selection

    From profile(s), make a selection of your preferred donor(s). As this can be a difficult and confusing part of this process, we offer a private and confidential Donor Selection Consultation online or in-office for this part of the process. Please refer to the information in Step 5 for more detail.

    Step 5: Ordering the Selected Specimen

    Once you notify our office of your selection, you may download the order form from our “forms” page or we can email an order form for your completion and return by email or to our toll-free fax line. Within 24 hours, a confirmation email is sent to you with your investment, shipping date, delivery method and further ordering if required. Please note: the listings are subject to change daily, therefore we strongly encourage you to check availability prior to order placement and promptly contact our office with an order request.

    An order is processed when payment is received and confirmed, and shipped Priority overnight if outside of the Toronto/GTA. For deliveries within Toronto/GTA, our own personal courier ensures safe delivery of the donor semen units to your physician’s office or clinic.