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We’ve Expanded To Grow With You


We’re here to help you create your family in every way possible. That’s why we’re expanding our services to serve your needs more holistically. Outreach Health Services is proud to now include Cryotrans, our 48 hour North American shipping service for gametes and embryos.

Your cargo is precious so we take every precaution to ensure everything is handled with care. That’s why our Client Specialists are intimately involved throughout the Cryotrans process, putting any of your concerns at ease.

Our process is simple:

In conversation with you, our Client Specialists will discuss your unique requirements and tailor a shipping solution to fit your needs. They will complete all documentation needed for shipping, assist with regulatory approvals where required, and coordinate all logistics with the clinics for collection and delivery. We also use liquid nitrogen dry vapour shippers to maintain stable temperatures during transportation. It’s state of the art technology – because we wouldn’t use anything less for your cargo.

Long Term Storage

We care about your family – now and for the future.

Whether your IVF treatments produced more embryos than you needed or you’ve completed your treatments and want to store eggs, sperm or embryos, Outreach Health Services Long Term Storage can be an ideal solution for your family’s future.

Long Term Storage is a vital component to many fertility treatments and we take it very seriously. Our secured facilities are equipped with the latest technology and all specimens are stored in a state of the art liquid nitrogen tanks. Everything is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so the safe keeping of your embryos and gametes for many years is completely assured.

We offer various storage options for your convenience and ease.

With our experience in long term storage, you can trust Outreach Health Services to provide safety and security for your embryos.

Outreach Health Services is here for you and your family.
We provide outstanding service so you can stay focused on the journey to create your family.