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Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc., founded 40 years ago as the first US sperm bank offers superior donor sperm. We provide the highest quality in the industry as one of the few sperm banks fully accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). Cryogenic Laboratories is fully compliant with FDA regulations. We are committed to being the best. Extensive donor information is downloaded for free for all sperm donors. Childhood photos, audio clips, medical and personal profiles are all free. We are also pleased to be offering our ID Option program on a select group of our sperm donors. We are the sperm bank where value meets quality.

*CLI Value represents a value priced category of semen that we use to balance our inventories of certain donors. This program was initiated in 2005. Most donors have all the extensive personal information available. Summary Profiles/Family Medical Histories for each value donor may indicate tests that were not required and hence not performed at the time these donors were in the donor program. Donors may rotate into and out of the value category as our inventory requirements dictate.

# Photo File Available
@ Baby Photo Available
C-/C+ CMV IgG Negative or CMV IgG Positive
*IC* Informed Consent Donor

Note: All donors are CMV IgM negative; A majority of the population is expected to be CMV IgG positive.

Note: An Informed Consent Donor is a donor that has a report of an adverse event in an offspring. This is likely not donor related. Outreach Health Group Inc. suggests that you discuss this issue with your physician or a genetic counsellor if you are considering using semen from this donor.