About Us

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Welcome to Outreach Health Group… with you on your journey to create a family.

Outreach Health Group provides human donor semen to fertility patients in Ontario and across Canada.

Our services include:
  • Enhanced Donor Profiles
  • Donor Selection Consultations
  • Website Marketplace
  • Fertility Enhancing Supplements
  • Family Resources
  • IUI Kits

Our donor program is fully compliant with applicable Health Canada Semen Regulations, the Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR) Act and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We are recognized by Health Canada as an importer and distributor of human semen for assisted reproduction.

We are committed to providing you with donor sperm that is the industry’s most selective, most tested and most successful. Considerations for the best donor sperm for your family include the donor’s blood type, colouring, height and a comprehensive family medical history. We also ensure CMV status and extensive screening of our donor sperm.

We understand reproduction is a very personal matter and strive to provide a knowledgeable, warm and caring environment to assist in your process. At Outreach Health Group, our goal is to confidently walk you through the selection process and ensure you have all of the information necessary to make an informed decision for your selection. We are available to review donor profiles with you, and assist you with any questions you may have, prior to ordering.

In order to fully support you through the process, we offer fertility supplements developed to support both male and female fertility and to enhance overall reproductive health. You will find these items along with prenatal supplements, IUI (insemination) supplies and fertility / family resource materials (books) in our on-line store. We hope you will select Outreach Health Group as your sperm donor provider, and wish you every success on your path to parenthood.